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Quench It! is the drive-thru soda and snack shop that satisfies your cravings when you're on the run. Think about it for just a second and you'll realize your thirst is probably calling you. And come to think of it, so is your hunger. So jump in the car and head on over. We’re probably close by.

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About us

From the original Heber City shack spawned a thirst along the Wasatch Front that only "Quench It" could satisfy! Find one of our famed locations dotted along the valleys of Salt Lake City and Utah County.

A customer getting drinks in one of our drive-thru soda shacks

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What our Customers Say

From our many thousands of passionate customers, here are some of the nice things people say about us.

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”Quench It Has Me Sold“

I'm not much of a soda fan but Quench it has me sold. My friends and family love it here and I must say I now do too. The perfect place to connect while enjoying a soda. Loved it!

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”Our Weekend Dream Drink”

🌴Quench It’s🥤44 oz drink, Coconut Mist🥥 is our weekend dream drink!☀️Delicious and very refreshing🏝😎

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”Out of Towner”

Love this place. Everyone is friendly. I am from California and we don’t have anything like this. When I visit I go at least once a day.

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”Most Delicious Ever”

We first hit up Quench It while passing through Heber last summer. Must have made an impression, cause we went back through today. They may have the best soda concoctions anywhere. Today, I had the Twisted Sister, which is Dr. Pepper + cherry + cheesecake + cream. It was the most delicious beverage I've been had. Super friendly staff and definitely worth the few minutes you need to wait in line cause they're so popular. Thank you, Quench It!

Las Vegas
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”The BEST Drinks!”

My family loves Quench It! The employers and owner are so nice and friendly and they have the BEST drinks! It’s a happy place.

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“I Love This Place”

Great drinks with a plethora of flavors to mix in, accompanied by low prices and over the top customer service, I love this place and come here all the time.

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“The Cookies are Amazing”

Best drinks I’ve had. they have great staff. I give them a tip every time I’m there. The cookies are amazing thanks to Suss. I’ve never had a problem with them they are amazing

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“Ice Lover”

Love love this place. Their drinks are amazing I also love to just eat their ice.

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“These are My People”

These are my people! Thank you for the friendly face and the terrific drinks! Most of the time they know my order before I even pull up to the window.